Aug 132018

It’s JeffB

He gets the first gold of the season with a total of 12 points. His total included one three-pointer and 2 two-ers, and more importantly, his goal-difference was -1.

In second place it’s bobbycheese, also on 12 points, with one three-pointer and two two-ers. He misses out on gold with a goal-difference of +8.

In third, it’s Shelley She gets the first bronze of the season with a total of 11 points, including one three-pointer and 3 two-ers.

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Aug 132018

The first ‘Spoon of Gloom, Doom & despondency of the Week’ of the season goes to Invincible, who finished on 4 points. Very poor!

Aug 132018

It’s going to…

Chapster for getting 3 points for Everton’s draw at Wolves.

Reverend Batt for getting 3 points for Liverpool’s 4-0 drubbing of West Ham.

Definitely not going to…
Hawkers Lass for jinxing the mighty blooobirds with her outrageous ‘2-0 to Bournemouth’ skulduggery.

Aug 132018

The ‘all-at-sea’ Hammers to get a point against the Mighty Reds? Chapster, are you ‘aving a giraffe?

Aug 132018


Chelsea v Arsenal….

Tough start for Arsenal as they travel to Stamford Bridge to take on Chelsea, having lost to Man City on the first day. The champions take on Huddersfield at the Ethiad.