Oct 172019

It’s Nick H

He gets his second top-three finish of the season with his first gold and moves up to fourth in the medals table. A total of 14 points included one three-pointer and FOUR two-ers.

In second place it’s Suzie Wong for the second week running, getting her second top-three of the season with her second silver. A total of 12 points included three three-pointers and a two-er.

In third, it’s Swerve with his third top-three finish of the season. He finished on 11 points, including two three-pointers and two two-ers, and stays in third in the medals table.

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Oct 172019

The ‘Spoon of Gloom, Doom & despondency of the Week’ goes to Hawker, who finished on 5 points. Very poor!

Oct 172019

It’s going jointly…
Reverend Batt for getting three points for Austria’s 1-0 win in Slovenia.

Sep 272019

Mighty Wales to get whipped at home by Croatia? Hawker, are you ‘aving a giraffe?