Nov 102018

It’s Invincible

It’s two on the trot as he gets his second gold following his first last week. A total of 13 points, including FOUR three-pointers, sees him go joint top of the medals table.

In second place it’s Suzie Wong, finishing on 12 points with two three-pointers and two two-ers. She gets her fourth top-three finish with her THIRD silver but drops a place to third in the medals table.

In third, it’s Swerve with his second top-three finish and his first bronze. A total of 10 points, including two three-pointers and a two-er, sees him remain in twelth place in the table.

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Nov 102018

The ‘Spoon of Gloom, Doom & despondency of the Week’ goes to Hawker, who finished on 3 points. Very poor! For the second week in a row – he needs to start predicting Cardiff wins.

Nov 102018

It’s going to…

Pi Squared for getting two points for Everton’s goalless draw at Chelsea.

Nov 102018

Rock-bottom Fulham to get a point at Fortress Anfield? Chapster, are you ‘aving a giraffe?

Nov 102018


UEFA Nations League…

It’s the final round of the inaugural Nations League competition. England take on Croatia, whilst Scotland travel to Albania. Out-of-form Northern Ireland will be hoping for their first win when they take on Austria at home.