Dec 032018

It’s ShowMeDaMane

He gets his fourth top-three finish with his second gold of the season, thanks to Liverpool’s last-gasp goal. A total of 13 points, including three three-pointers and a two-er, sees him move up to second place in the medals table.

In second place it’s bobbycheese, finishing on 12 points, with two three-pointers and a two-er. A return to form sees him get his fourth top-three finish with his THIRD silver and moves up to joint fifth in the medals table.

In third it’s Hawkers Lass recovering from last week’s spoon to get her fourth top-three finish with her FOURTH bronze. A total of 12 points, including one three-pointer and three two-ers, sees her stay in seventeenth place place in the table.

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Dec 032018

The ‘Spoon of Gloom, Doom & despondency of the Week’ goes to Pi Squared, who finished on 6 points. Very poor!

Dec 032018

It’s going to…

Pi Squared for getting the only point for the West Ham’s win at Newcastle.

Runner up…
Invincible for getting two points for the Arsenal’s win against Spurs.

Dec 032018

Mighty ex-champs Leicester to go down at home to upstarts Watford? ShowMeDaMane, are you ‘aving a giraffe?

Dec 032018


Chelsea v Man City…

Massive game at the weekend sees leaders Man City travel to The Bridge to face Prem rivals Chelsea. A slip up from City could allow second-placed Liverpool to take over at the top as they travel to Bournemouth.

At the bottom, Fulham take on Man Utd at Old Trafford. Cardiff could pull further away from the relegation places if they beat managerless Southampton at the CCS.