May 112014

The 2013/14 Pundit of the Season……

Reverend Batt

After 389 games (of which he missed 20), he emerges as champion and takes the title of PUNDIT OF THE SEASON!!!
A grand total of 351 points including 47 spot-onsters, 45 two-pointers and 120 single points sees him cross the winning line in first place in this marathon of a competition.

In second place was tinkermax who finished on 340 points, 11 points behind. Her total included 43 three-ers, 45 two-ers and 121 onesters.

In third, just 2 points behind, was dron1e who finished on 338 and just failed to close the gap on second place after a good recent run.

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May 112014

The 2013/14 Goldmember……


The Guv’nor gets a cracking haul of 5 golds for the season – that’s why he’s the Guv’nor – to top the medals table and take the title. He also got a silver and 2 bronzes to take his top three finishes to 8.

In second place was Reverend Batt who finished with 4 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronzes to end up with the season’s most top-three finishes of 10.

In third was Shelley who finished with 4 golds, 0 silver and 0 bronze. She weren’t ‘aving it if it wasn’t gold.

May 112014

The May Pundit of the Month title goes to……


He just nicks it at the end by a point thanks to Fulham’s last-gasp equaliser to win his first monthly title of the season. A total of 21 points in a cut-down version of the monthly comp, included 3 three-pointers and 2 two-pointers, just saw him home with little to spare.

In second place was Invincible, who finished a point behind on 20 points, getting 2 three-pointers in the process.

In third was Lawro, who finished on 19.

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May 112014

It’s Chapster

He breaks his ‘never-predict-a-Liverpool-win’ superstition and gets his third gold of the season with a total of 15 points. His win takes him into fifth place in the medal table. His total included 3 three-pointer and 1 twoster.

In second place was Invincible who finished a point behind on 14. He gets 2 three-pointers to claim his third silver of the campaign and move up into the top ten.

In third was Mystic Q who finished on 13 with 3 three-pointers. He gets his third bronze of the season.

May 112014

The Final of the Sweet FA….
A closely contested final saw Mystic Q narrowly defeat Swerve by 2 points in a high-scoring tie which finished 13-11.

Final 11/05/2014

   13 11 Swerve

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Mystic Q wins the 2013-14 Sweet FA Cup.

May 112014

The last Spoon of Gloom, Doom & despondency of the Week for this season goes to Beermonster who finished on 5 measly points. Very poor!

May 112014

It’s going to Invincible for getting a point – the only point – out of the Jack’s win in Sunderland.

Runners up… AllmightyO for getting 3 points for Spurs 3-0 win against Villa, and Swerve for Fulham’s 2-2 draw against Palace.

May 112014

The ‘Ammers to derail eventual Champions Man City? Reverend Batt, are you ‘aving a giraffe?

Mighty Arsenal to fail to beat the relegated Canaries? Lawro and Beermonster, are you both ‘aving a tin bath?

May 112014

Nowt!! but fret not…

The World Cup is coming!!!
Well, that’s another season gone and normally it’s a case of watching cricket until August, unless there’s a summer tournament to be had – and indeed there is!
The World Cup kicks off in just over than a month and it’s another chance to become Internacionale Pundeet Extraordinaire as we all assess the form of the likes of Japan and Iran. You’ll get a fixture reminder a week before the first games kick off – that’s if you want one that is. If you decide that this footie prediction thing is not for you any more, email me at the scoremonkey address and I’ll leave you in peace.
Thanks for taking part throughout the season – hope you continue to do so for the WC and beyond.