May 132012

The 2011/12 Pundit of the Season……


After 398 games, he emerges a worthy champion as he takes the title of PUNDIT OF THE SEASON!!!
A grand total of 341 points including 40 spot-onsters, 51 two-pointers and 119 single points sees him cross the winning line in first place in this marathon of a competition. He has the greatest number of top-three finishes with 11, including 7 bronzes – a consistent performance throughout the season which has reaped rewards.

In second place was Swerve who, after last week’s catchup, couldn’t make up the 4 points which he was adrift by at the start of the day. He finishes on 338, just 3 points behind but it may as well have been 33 – Sick as a parrot!!!

In third was Reverend Batt who finished on 328 points and just managed to hold onto third from Van Kogaman and Accrington who were both nipping at his heels.

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May 132012

The 2011/12 Goldmember……

Van Kogaman

He was the only member to get 4 golds for the season and it was enough to take this inaugral title. He also got a silver and 2 bronze but they weren’t needed as it was his tally of golds that makes him GOLDMEMBER for 2010/11. “He’s the man, the man with the Midas touch”. It’s been a long day!

In second place was Accrington who finished with 3 gold, 4 silver and a bronze. A cracking haul for the lad. If only Leeds could have performed as well! Only joshing – I’m on thin ice supporting the Redbirds!

In third was Mrs B who finished with 3 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze. Three of each was a fine effort – but, hey, it could have been much better if those 2 missing weeks had counted. Oh, what might have been!

May 132012

The May Pundit of the Month title goes to……


His world may have caved in vis-a-vis Pundit of the Season and he must be feeling akin to Fergie who had started writing his winners speech before Aguero slotted home in the 94th minute, but at least he won the last POM of the season.
28 points was enough to win this cut-down ultimate POM which means he’s won it twice this season and will take comfort from that at least.

In second place was Accrington who finished on 26 points, 2 behind Swerve, to cap a fine season of punditry excellence.

In third was the Guv’nor Lawro who finished on 25 after a storming last week, just to remind us that he’s still the Guv’nor.

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May 132012

It’s Lawro

How fitting that The Guv’nor should win the last POW of the season and increase his tally of gold medals to 3. He finishes fourth in the medals table after earning a whacking 16 points from the last batch of games.

In second place was Rahabs who also finished on 16 but had two three-pointers to Lawro’s three. He wraps up his campaign with a third silver of the season.

In third, on 12 points, was Nick H, who finished a point behind on 15. He picks up his second bronze of the season.

May 132012

The last Spoon of Gloom, Doom & despondency of the Week goes to Chris H who finished on 4 measly points. Very poor! BUT Nil Desperandum est, Rodney, as the Euros are nearly upon us and Chris is a bit of a Roy Hodgson (notice I didn’t stoop to the Sun’s level) when it comes to the International game.

May 132012

It has to go to Rahabs and Crezzy for both getting three points for the Jacks 1-0 victory over Liverpool.
Runners up…Nick H for getting 2 points for the Everton v Newcastle game.

May 132012

QPR to scupper Man City’s title hopes? It never looked in doubt, Chris H. Are you ‘aving a tin bath?
Liverpool to beat the Jacks 4-0? Rev Batt Are you ‘aving an Edith Piaf?
Man City to put six past QPR? Nick H Are you too ‘aving an edith?

May 132012


Nowt!! but fret not…

The Euros are coming!!!
Well, that’s another season gone and normally it’s a case of watching cricket until August, unless there’s a summer tournament to be had – and indeed there is!
Euro 2012 kicks off in less than a month and it’s another chance to become Internacionale Pundeet Extraordinaire as we all assess the form of the likes of Poland and Croatia. You’ll get a fixture reminder a week before the first games kick off – that’s if you want one that is. If you decide that this footie prediction thing is not for you any more, email me at the scoremonkey address and I’ll leave you in peace.
Thanks for taking part throughout the season – hope you continue to do so for the Euros and beyond.