May 202017

The 2016/17 Pundit of the Season……


It turned out to be a bit of a stroll in the park in the end as he wraps up the title with an 18 point lead. After 410 games he emerges as champion and takes the title of PUNDIT OF THE SEASON!!!
A grand total of 373 points including 40 three-pointers, 56 two-pointers and 141 single points sees him cross the winning line with a bit to spare. He got 46 points more than last season’s winner.

In second place was Hawkers Lass who finished on 355 points after a real good run of form. She makes it a one – two for the Hawker clan with 45 three-ers, 45 two-ers and 130 onesters. A better start to the season may have seen her go one better, but hey, second place is not too shoddy!

In third, just 2 points off second spot, was Reverend Batt who fell away in the last few weeks when pushing for first place. He finished on 353 and just about managed to cling on to his top-three finish as both Nick H and Swerve finished on the same points but with less three/two pointers.

May 202017

The 2016/17 Goldmember……


He does the double and finishes with a cracking haul of EIGHT golds for the season to top the medals table and take the title. He also got a silver and a bronze to take his top three finishes to 10. He’s setting the bar high as he breaks the record for Pundit of the Week wins in a season.

In second place was Nick H who finished with 4 golds, 3 silvers and 3 bronzes to also end up with 11 top-three finishes. Last year’s Goldmember matches last year’s gold tally of 4.

In third place was Hawkers Lass who finished with 4 golds, 1 silver and 4 bronzes.

May 202017

The May Pundit of the Month title goes to……


He wins his first POM of the season after a consistent 3 weeks. 35 points from 30 games included 5 three-pointers and 6 two-pointers.

In second place, 3 points behind on 32, was Hawkers Lass. Her total was made up of 5 three-pointers and 3 two-pointers.

In third was Hawker, who finished on 30 points with 3 three-pointers and 6 two-ers.

May 202017

It’s Hawkers Lass

Her total of 14 points gets her a fourth gold as she takes the last weekly title of the season. Her total included 2 three-pointers and 2 two-ers.

In second place it’s Pi Squared a point behind on 13. His total included 2 three-pointers and a two-er and earned him his third silver of the season to secure fifth place in the table.

In third, and winning his third bronze of the season, it’s Swerve. He finished on 12 points with 2 three-pointers and 2 two-ers. He stays in seventh place.

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May 202017

The ‘Spoon of Gloom, Doom & despondency of the Week’ goes to MILO, who finished on 6 points. Very poor! He was winning POS this time last year!

May 202017

It’s going to Shelley for getting 3 points for West Ham’s 2-1 win at Burnley.

May 202017

The mighty Arsenal
to drop 2 points at home to Everton? Shelley, are you ‘aving a giraffe?

May 222017


That’s another season done…

That was the 2016/17 season and there’s no more footie until August! No summer tournament until next season – just the cricket to look forward to! Thanks for taking part this season – hope to see you back at the start of next season.