May 142016

The 2015/16 Pundit of the Season……


He was 3 points behind going into the last week, but he’s won a last gasp season title by ONE point!! After 409 games (it would have been 410 if someone hadn’t arsed around with a fake bomb at Old Trafford), he emerges as champion and takes the title of PUNDIT OF THE SEASON!!!
A grand total of 327 points including 43 three-pointers, 57 two-pointers and 84 single points sees him cross the winning line with little to spare at the end.

In second place was Van Kogaman who finished on 326 points after a disasterous week. If it had stayed 3-0 to Arsenal and that Villa fellah hadn’t put through his own goal in the second minute of injury time, he would be Pundit of the Season. But, hey, let’s move on. Second place is nothing to be sneezed at, and he got there with 44 three-ers, 46 two-ers and 102 onesters.

In third, just 8 points off top spot, was Swerve who finished on 319 and just failed to close the gap on the top two at the end.

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