May 242015

It’s Pi Squared

Yes, he wins this as well – thankfully he didn’t get the monthly title otherwise it may have got a bit samey! He rounds off quite a successful campaign by winning a very tight finale. His total of 10 points included 2 three-pointers, and more importantly, a goal difference of -6, winning him his sixth gold of the season.

In second place it’s Chapster who also finished on 10, with 2 three-pointers but a goal diff of -9. He picks up his FIFTH silver of the season.

In third was MrsB who also finished on 10 with 2 three-pointers, with a goal diff of -13. She gets her third bronze of the season to finish in 22nd place.

So a tight finish to the last week of the season where the top three places were decided by a couple of goals.

Click Here for Weekly Grid of Destiny 24/05/2014